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Welcome to Arcana Knights Homepage.
Arcana Knights originated from the US server; Dragonbrand. We gained a good number of advanced players who had come from the previous title, of whom were active and created a great environment for all within the guild.

We are now looking to start a new as I have moved not only myself, but the guild to Whiteside Ridge (EU). As I am from the UK myself, I will be playing on EU servers from this day forth and I wish to make the guild something amazing.

What we will do as a Guild (Not limited to);

World vs World (PVP)
Dungeons / Raids
World Events
And much, much more!

What kind of a guild do we aim to become?

  • Social
  • Structured
  • Fun for everyone
  • Professional in the eye of the public
  • Known for being helpful to everyone who needs it!

Do you feel you have the ability to help the guild grow into something no one ever imagined? Enlist yourself today! We are looking for High Council members to help create a fantastic and exciting guild.